October - Paige Greenwell

posted Nov 2, 2011, 12:38 PM by Christy Sharp
Paige was chosen for her professional attitude in the class and her ability to focus on a task until it is completed.
What the Senior Management Teams had to say:
Shift 1:  Nominated Paige Greenwell because she's always helfpul.  She knows what to do a lot of times when other people don't.  She always tries her hardest and is always improving herself.
Shift 2: Nominated Paige Holman because she is very helpful and always helping others.  Always on time, very knowledgeable and she has a true passion of culinary.
Shift 3: Nominated Travis Lechner because he is hard working and is alwyas helping out with other groups.  Furthermore, he always helps and cleans up after everyone.