posted Jan 11, 2012, 8:34 AM by Christy Sharp
Talon Foulker is the December student of the month.  Talon has taken a lot of steps to prepare himself for the culinary class.  He is constantly working on bettering his culinary skills and is working on developing his leadership skills as a team mananger.
First Shift Nominee: Talon Foulker because he has excelled a lot since the beginning of the year and has worked very well with his team members.  Second Shift Nominee: Jeffrey McMaster because on "Chopped Day" he made a toasted pumpernickle bread with roasted garlic butter.  He made the bread into Insanity Soup.  It was a hard task and he proved himself so much that we wanted to nominate him.  Aslo, he is very knowledgable.  He is here every day and is always participating.  He is very creative in culinary.