Per the KEC Handbook:

1. The KEC uses, 90, 80, 70, and 60 as percentage guidelines for letter grades.
    90% or above = A
    80-89% = B
    70-79% = C
    60-69% = D
    59% or lower = F

2.  Included in the grade should be written work, tests, projects, attendance, and behavior.  Points for attendance and behavior help reflect the whole student in the grade they earn.  30% of a students grade is based on attendance/behavior/participation.  For example: 15 points per day may be designated for attendance and behavior.  If a student is absent, the point value is 0.  The student still has the right to make up their written work, but they cannot recover their attendance points.  Remember, 2% of a student's grades may be deducted for each unexcused absence.

If a student is in class, but behaves so poorly that they disrupt the environment (this includes sleeping), they also might receive only 10, 0r5, or 0 points in this category for the day.  Repeated absences and poor behavior then are reflected in their grades in an objective way.

Culinary Arts 2012-2013

I have designated 10 points per day for the student's attendance/behavior/participation points.  If a student is absent they receive 0 points for the day.  Because much of our class time is spent in our kitchen labs participation is crucial.  I do not grade on culinary skill for Culinary Arts I students because I do understand that for most students the kitchen is a place to learn the culinary skills.  Participation within their work teams, professional respect towards others and positive attitudes in the work place are what I am looking for with the students.  Points are deducted from a students daily 10 points depending on the severity of the offense.

Grade percentages

As per the KEC Handbook, 30% of a student's grades are based on the daily 10 points and 70% of their grade is based on homework assignments, team and class projects, exams, presentations and anything else that is assigned a grade value. 

For example:

If there are 70 points possible for attendance/participation and the student has received 65 points their attendance/participation percentage is 93%.  30% of this score is 28% (93x.3=28).

If there are 150 grading points available and the student has recieved 120 points then their grade percentage is 80%.  70% of this score is 56% (80x.7=56).

Their overall score is 84% (56% + 28%).  Their grade is a B

The grading scale for our class is as follows:

97-100% A+    87-89%  B+    77-79%  C+    67-69%  D+    59% or lower = F
94-96%  A       84-86%  B      74-76%  C       64-66%  D
90-93%  A-      80-83%  B-     70-73%  C-     60-63%  D-