Secrect Ingredient Cooking Contest

posted Dec 21, 2011, 1:03 PM by Christy Sharp
I am very impressed with t he technique, flavor combinations and creativity of all the students who participated in our first Secret Ingredient Cooking Contest.  When the students came into class they were given one or two secrect ingredients and given about an hour to make any dish.  They had full reign of all ingredients and equipment in our kitchen.  Here are the results:
Paige Greenwell (Heavy Cream & Dried Cranberries): Cranberry Pie with Whipped CreamTalon Faulker (Fresh Mozzarella, Red Bell Pepper): A breakfast sandwhich made from pumpernickel bread, fresh mozz, bacon, sauteed onions, sweated red peppers and garnished with celery leaves.  Destiny Johnson (Peppermint Marshmellows): Pretzel and Honeycomb cereal treats with peppermint marshmellow garnished wtih crushed peppermint ribbon candyJeffrey McMaster (Pumpernickle Bread): Toasted pumpernickle bread slices with a roasted garlic butter.  Also, Pumpernickle croutons atop a "Insanity Soup" of  a creamy tomato and red pepper flakes.  Malerie Meares (Onions): Egg noodles with steamed carrots, celery and onion.  Amanda Spangler (Garlic Dill Pickles): Spaghetti with a tomato sauce infused with Garlic Dill Picles, garlic, onions, mushrooms and red peper.  Cherita Turner (Tortillas): Pan fried tortilla chips tossed in cinnamon sugar and coated with raspberry compote and homemade whipped creamMichael Wickstrom (Bananas): Peanut Butter cookie bar topped and baked with banana chunks and butterscotch chips then drizzles with caramel.  Paige Holman (Yogurt Cheese): Yogurt Cheese Cheesecake and jam dipping sauce with graham crackersTiffany Curley (Roast Beef & Spinach): Stir fry with roast beef, spinach, red pepper flakes, celery and tomatoes.  Samantha Kottmeier (Coconut & Heavy Cream): Coconut and fresh mint ice cream with a hot sauce infused carmamel and banana topping.